Thursday, November 10, 2011


Around this time for the past two years I, like many of my Facebook comrades, would fill my daily status bar with a shout out to something I was thankful for..some more meaningful than others. This year however something in me felt somewhat bitter towards the whole practice (let me insert that in no way am I taking away from the people who chose to take part of this challenge...I just honestly wasn't moved by the calling as I had before) I felt guilty for not participating but not sure why I felt so annoyed with myself about it...I am not having any trials in my life that would cause me to be jaded; in fact quite the opposite I have been learning so much about myself and have gained a new piece of my life through Faith that up until very recently my life had been completely void. 
Soooo what's the problem? I figured it out today while listening to a presentation this morning addressing the topic of gratitude. We are so focused on the wrong and how to make it right we seem to take for granted all the beautiful things that happen everyday. The presenter nailed it since we are little people are always telling us how to do it right, we are programmed to seek out the wrong in order to make it right. She recommended taking time to smell the enjoy what is right in the world. My plan: Gratitude journal, actually it is part of my prayer journal however it seems appropriate. Each day I will write down five things that I am thankful for, five things that I have been provided with that I take for granted. 
Today Day One I will share my first five with you:

My Family..Through them I have the most to teach and the most to learn.


Country: I am so blessed to be able to raise my family in the most gracious, industrious and beautiful country. God Bless the USA! 

This is multifaceted part A: My amazing job that has allowed me to grow in so many ways and discover my talents and strengths as well as weaknesses. Part B: My crazy friends and their sense of humor! I love that this picture was captured and shared


need I say more... (ps have you seen it..she is missing!!)

I so thankful to have been saved.