A little Bit of Each of Us...

The Nelson Family
a.k.a. Ladybugs & Monkey Men
est. July 2002

Here it is...one of this years goals, complete!! 
I can finally check off family portraits of the list after years of procrastinating.

My wonderful husband and I...you know the two people from the saying? yeah you know the ones... all because two people fell in love...well we are those people! you can blame us for everything! :)

Alright, so this is Alexis preferably Lexy but never"lex"!
The oldest kid of ours...she is a pretty good kid. It has been quite frightening to watch her grow up the last little bit...man oh man is she sarcastic! (wonder where she got that??) She is a jack of all trades finding some interest in almost any type of activity!!
...I do believe her favorite "hobby" is being big "siss" to miss Sophia!

Miss Sadie Lou Who...or Sadie Lee whichever works just fine for her!
This kids has more nicknames than anyone i know, they are mostly inspired by her first Halloween costume...a pumpkin.
She is our tender heart...kind and compassionate and very thought out!
The sweetest kid you will ever meet!

Daniel "the Monkey Man" Nelson!!!
This kid has a smile that could melt the heart of the snow queen...and he is well aware of that fact!!
He is bright, funny and quick witted! loves anything messy and outdoors...for anyone who knows his dad...like him but smaller...for now! :)

Miss Sophia!
and here she is the littlest of our bunch..from what she lacks in size she makes up big time in personality!!
She very well could be the most "documented" child of all time..thanks to her aunts!!
This little firecracker keeps us jumping!

and there you have it...The Nelson Family!!