Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Sadie Lady!!!!

Sadie turned eight this weekend! How I cannot believe that my little pumpkin is eight! We celebrated by going to jumpin' jacks with friends and family. It was a blast!! we all acted like a bunch of kids...
sadie and her aunts, uncle, grandma, mom and dad...and of course soph-a-loph!!!

We had the "best cake ever!!!" a DQ oreo blizzard ice cream cake, followed by she got a lot of them! :)

and then we discovered that Sophia had a twin!!!or just a "new little best friend" :)
miss Kaitlynn is Sadie's best friend Emily's little sister!
So the carousel was broken...our solution! 10 giant pixy stix and child labor!!

Happy Birthday Sadie! You are absolutely amazing!! We love you pumpkin!!

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