Sunday, December 30, 2012

Saying Grace (and meaning it)

Don't you ever struggle with the whole concept of "Saying Grace"? Sometimes I feel like it is just a ritual that you have to go through to eat a meal..or at least that is what my children seem to think..and that scares me to death. I know I may seem a bit over dramatic with that statement but seriously, I want nothing more than to raise God fearing, Jesus loving children into strong and stable Christian adults who know and love our Lord each and every minute of each and every day. Is that too much to hope? It seems not in the world we are in right now. It seems as if having a moral foundation is a punchline to some cosmic joke. My heart aches for what my children will have to endure if we as a generation cannot get our act together...AH!! anyway back to my point, I don't want loving and praising God feel like an obligation or a chore but rather a joy, a gift. So the question is simple. How?? Well that my friends the answer is also simple it falls right back on us (assuming you want the same thing for your children..if not well then it falls back on me and my husband LOL) to be the strong and stable Christians they need to mirror..with that being said the question is still: How?? Every idea that comes to mind feels so to help answer this question I jump on the Internet in search of some all star Christians that have a blog and a layout (including a checklist) to guide my way and what I find is summed up here:

I actually saw this on this amazing lady's Facebook page
No.Joke. God loves us SOOOO much that he sent His Son to die for us and these are the ideas that come to mind? It's almost (no actually it is totally) embarrassing. 

I hope that you haven't read this far in search of some awe inspiring answer because it isn't here. This is all I got, I am so humbled by His greatness I couldn't put into words my gratitude. Lets try to give Him more, more of our time.. I mean rather than "saying grace" lets invite Him to the dinner conversation. In fact, "grace" shouldn't be ritualistic dinner prayer but a never ceasing conversation. (yes I am as nervous about that one as the you are!!) and lets ask for more. Lets depend on His strength and wisdom before our own, lets try not to ask Him to fix our broken bridges but ask Him to lead the way. 

After all of this I realize that no matter what I do to try to impose my will and my children it is their walk alone with Him, their journey. No one can lead them to the Father but through Him. I will help them to know Him through His word, through my actions and the rest is out of my hands.

Is this something you struggle with? How do you praise God each day?

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