Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Sweet Life!

Hello!!! Wow it has been FOREVER since I have been on here! The last few months have been super duper crazy as I spent most of every "spare" moment working on a women's retreat for my church! Which I am here to tell you turned out AMAZING!! Here is how it went :)

Let me first start off by telling you that while the retreat itself was such a uplifting and empowering experience  , the days and weeks leading up to the event that I spent in preparation taught me SO much. I grew each and every day closer to God while serving Him through bringing the women of His church together. 
I am so humbled and grateful for that opportunity.

Okay,  now on to the details. The Women's Ministry at SMCC The Springs Church has adopted the following verse as a what it is that we are setting out to do as a ministry.

"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing." 1 Thessalonians 5:11 

With a verse like that we needed to do something BIG to lift up the women at our church...I felt lead to show them how much they are worth and how much they are thought of, adored and mainly LOVED.

 The Summit Chateau Lodge was the perfect place for such a gathering! The lodge is one of the most beautiful, peaceful and welcoming places I have ever stayed. (The Plug: If you are EVER looking for a place to host a church, corporate or large family gathering this place has it all!! click on the link at the beginning of this paragraph for more details)

Not only is the lodge itself full of awesome amenities but the surroundings are awe inspiring

We went with the theme "The Sweet Life: Satisfying your craving for a sweeter walk with Christ"
As you will find it was an awesome theme to decorate with!

please note that the middle jar is full of spray painted pinto beans...this was a pinterest FAIL!! i would strongly recommend spending the $$$ on actual candy!
 When the ladies arrived they found individualized goodies bags waiting for them in their rooms. It was so fun to see everyone digging through their bags. We women are always the ones to get called when somethings missing, needs to be planned or really just plain handled (that was a bit girl power-ee but Hey I mean it)
So it was super exciting to be able to offer these exceptionally awesome ladies the opportunity to be surprised! 

One of the sweet suites at the Summit Chateau!

Miss Chastity's Goodie Bag!! Thanks for taking a pic! without this they would have gone undocumented!

 Meet Vikki! This women is responsible for me hearing myself in a southern accent while reading the Book of Ruth! #ikid #kindof 

Vikki Stringham flew nearly across the country to help us better understand and how to better search for Jesus is the Old Testament. She taught us how we are to search for our Redeemer is the world around us. How sweet is that? 

During the study many things jumped out at me, many things that I need to apply to my life. Things that I can use daily to be be more whole.

One of the things that had touched my heart was Ruth's action. Vikki points out that Ruth did not just wait for step by step instruction from God...She jumps to her feet and is physically lead, guided to where she needs to go. 
Let's not sit and wait for a sign, let's be moved towards it!
Vikki said it best:

"Be the active body of Christ"

We had some awesome things planned for the ladies: rock climbing, zip lining and horseback riding! However, the winds were out of control...keeping us in doors without power for awhile somehow it was just what we needed. (funny how that worked out huh??)

Everybody seemed to keep themselves, naps (without kids!!) and snacking!! lots of snacking :)

Here is my favorite photo from the whole event 

The whole group together! 
and the runner up.....
The Support Crew!!

Just as everyone was packed up and leaving the wind died down and their was time for two ladies and myself to go on a horseback ride! This was my blessing.  I had spent most of my weekend focused on the details I hadn't  stopped to see the whole picture! I am so thankful for the opportunity to see the forest!

 I know that it is has been a few weeks since the retreat but I want to thnak each of the women who made it out. Thank you for taking the time away from your family, your school, your job and the other day to day things to help each other grow in God's glory!

Can't wait to do it again next year!!

For anyone who is looking at this trying to figure out how to plan an event like this (I did a TON of blog stalking during this adventure) The retreat was held over the course of a weekend. Check in was Friday evening and check out Sunday morning. The schedule was pretty packed between lessons, small groups, worship and meals. There was free time scheduled. If you would like copies of the schedule please feel free to email me @

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