Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas!

Pretty clever title huh?

Guess What!! There are only fourteen more days until Christmas! Yay!

Okay well the thing is..we have been all decorated for a couple of weeks, but I have neglected the blog. 
Anyway I am feeling compelled to share with you all how festive things are around the Nelson household

Is this not the most charlie browniest tree you have ever seen? 

and the stockings were hung...

isn't this the coolest thing? fishing line and bulbs...the only problem is I keep fussing with the pattern...

The most time consuming Advent calendar ever!! I originally planned to let me kids take down and wear the sock but after the time...NO WAY this is an heirloom! The lessons have been super fun and have taught us all a bunch about the season and ourselves.

 and of course our "happy birthday" Jesus. It has been super weird this Jesus hasn't come up missing once (yet?) however one tradition remains...the littlest Nelson busting out in Happy Birthday Baby Jesus at random...I think it is one of my favorites!