Saturday, April 2, 2011

Science Fair 2011!!

Well now aren't you lucky? two posts in one day??
Okay well in the middle of the chaos of today...wal-mart, costco, micheal's, lunch date at Mcdonald's with all four kids and my childhood friend and her two boys...and gardening (refer to previous post) not to mention adding to the recycling program and bountiful baskets...we managed to pull of not one but TWO science fair projects!! 
I feel a little like a super hero right now!! (a little not all the way since my laundry isnt folded)

So here it is Alexis did the Big Meltdown..a project where we try not to melt ice cubes by placing them in different insulators..which by the way the photos look suspicious...just sayin' i watch

 lexy gathering her supplies...getting ready for the....

Big Meltdown!!!!

then there was Sadie...umm I would like to learn about colors...they are pretty...really?!? Oh well here we go..we went with a reverse color wheel separating pigments...

  and here is the finished product!! Color Magic!!!

Well I am going to bed i think... laundry will have to wait!

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