The Bucklist.

"As a well spent day brings happy sleep, so a life spent well brings a happy death"
~ Leonardo Da Vinci

Here is a list of some simple, silly and exciting things that I would like to do. Nothing too nuts...just  a collection of experiences that I would like to have.
It has been an on going project, like most, for as long as I can remember...just never written down in one place :)
and here it no particular order.
  1. Buy a house
  2. Donate blood
  3. Become a mother
  4. Make a large purchase without credit
  5. Ride a zip line
  6. play an instrument 
  7. learn a language 
  8. learn to sew
  9. grow a veggie garden
  10. cut my own Christmas tree
  11. go rappelling
  12. write my grandfathers biography
  13. buy an original piece of art
  14. see all of the national parks
  15. do the historical DC kick
  16. ride a train 
  17. climb a mountain
  18. send a message in a bottle
  19. go storm chasing
  20. stay at the madonna inn
  21. sleep in a "haunted" mansion
  22. visit Arlington 
  23. snorkling
  24. whale watching
  25. create a secret family recipe
  26. be part of a flashmob
  27. run a marathon
  28. put together a charity 5K for suicide prevention 
  29. read the Bible (front to back)
  30. sky dive
  31. see the seven wonders
  32. ride in a hot air balloon
  33. donate to locks of love
  34. learn to say thank you in 50 languages
  35. ride a mechanical bull
  36. break a Guinness record
  37. enter something in to a fair
  38. run for a public office
  39. be in a studio audience 
  40. help habitat for humanity
  41. make soap
  42. buy stock
  43. milk a cow
  44. visit the Amish
  45. make jam
  46. attend an NFL game
  47. attend the Kentucky Derby
  48. ride in a carriage
  49. Napa Wine tasting tour
  50. snowboarding 
  51. ice skating
  52. Barnum and Baily Circus
  53. see a comedy show
  54. visit all 50 states
  55. decide which cheese steak is better
  56. Hershey PA
  57. visit four corners
  58. mt rushmore
  59. finish desert rose collection
  60. Love to run
  61. Have a garden