Sunday, August 14, 2011

and suddenly all the super heroes are missing (from my sons underwear)

I am completely baffled by two obvious truths..first off, in less than 12 hours we will be posing with new teachers on the first day of school. This summer has come and gone without warning. So in some sort of ridiculous attempt at either denial or defiance I waited until nearly the last possible second (monday morning would have been hilarious) to start and finish the insane back to school preparations...

 We started the marathon with haircuts at Paul Mitchell-the school..which had the kids feeling super big, super trendy and super hyped up on sugar cookies provided by the students for a back to school celebration.

After a struggle and being fifteen minutes late to our appointment because of Sadie"s mid back three feet deep (slight exaggeration) mane...I made the completely emotionally based decision to chop it off...i should react out of frustration more if this is what happens...
Here is Sophie getting her first big girl haircut...i feel that this deserves a post of it's own...however my family voted not to..since that would bore you...i know but this is a democracy. 

Sweet feather extensions...P.S. This was totally my idea and made me like the most totally awesome mom ever!! :) yup my kids are lucky to have me...they said that really...and yes they got the jeans they wanted later...SUCCKKKAAA!!!

Ok now for the second most baffling obvious truth...can you tell me what is missing from the following picture?

Other than my son's future dignity (my husbands guess) i will tell you....SUPER HEROES!!!
When did my son decide that he needed to wear underwear without characters? I have no idea why i find it so disturbing but I do!!! I may have just demoted myself from cool mom status but this needed to be discussed!! He grabbed them right up and said "I need these" through them in the cart with no explanation at all..whatever!!

anyway I hope all of your back to school shopping is done!!! and your real new year resolutions are made...we will discuss this later!! :)