Friday, September 2, 2011

New Years Resolutions!!

I know some of you may be thinking "ummm its September Lydia"...well I just have to say "'s the new year..random blog stalker" LOL JK but really I truly believe that the real new year begins when school starts. The clothes are pressed, the schedules are made, lists are checked and the air is crisp! (okay maybe in areas that have more than two seasons) So if you have checked out this entire blog you will see that i already have a bucket list for the year...but if you know me at all you also know i LOVE lists!!! So lets make one....
Not to mention my fridge calendar, my to do list apps AND gmail  calendars..BTW if you love these lists too i pick them up at pier one imports

1. Since I am apparently not going to finish my degree this year, I am going to have more time to harass my children about their school work! Yay for them... this year we will have a system that allows for stress free (well at least child shaking free) after school hours learning...
2. Finish some home projects...paint...paint...paint...volunteers??
3. Home cooked meals 5 times a week...I have bought a new apron just for this!! :) oh and lexy has her own too!! awe aren't we so domestic?
Pumpkin is wearing mine..they are great ...and have matching rubber gloves

4.  Balance!!! My diet, my budget and my time!!
5. Read the Bible. This has been both overwhelming and completely refreshing all at the same time!
Well that is all i can think of...right now..and besides my terrible grammar is buggin me!!

Miss Lou Who in her new classroom


Daniel and the coolest first grade teacher EVER!!

Doesnt she look grown up? 

What would a ladybug post be without a little soph-a-loph??

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  1. I believe you should blog a lot more than once a month. That's all I'm saying. Well besides I love this blog and I love your kids... and I LOVE YOU!

    Oh and I'll help paint. If you mean painting your house :)