Saturday, September 24, 2011

Uphill and Birthday Brats!

Oh what a day it has been! Mary and I woke up this morning at 6:15, left my house and at 6:30, and ran a 5k at 7:00. It was a pretty tough course but we ran about half and walked half. So all in all, it went well.
Mary and I after the race! Yeahhh!
Afterwards, we got home and got ready then went straight to the Splash Pad for Daniel's Birthday party. It was quite the success! Once we got there, the kids got down to their swimming suits and went straight to the splash pad. Sophia was all over that; the first one to jump in the water and get soaked. Alexis and Sadie thought it was a little cold so they slowly worked their way into the water. While the kids were playing in the water Mary and Candace went to set up the scavenger hunt. "The cake went missing." Daniel didn't want to play because he found the cake in the cooler and told everyone where it was. That didn't stop Mary though! She made them do it-- the kids enjoyed it.
Kept this one big to show you how cute my little baby is

See! There were a little cold after putting probably
only their feet in the water. 

Sophia still playing in the water!

One of the hints was the Pinata. Our "grenade" was actually a dinosaur (it was an Army theme). One of the kiddos broke the hook so we had to tie a noose around the poor dinosaur. It was actually really funny to us adults.

This is the poor Dinosaur after the noose
was tired around this head.
Then of course, next was cake and presents!

After that the kids started leaving and the party died down. Hallelujah! Now some friends of me and Ronnie's are sitting in the nice a/c house. Hope everyone had just as a productive day as I did.

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