Saturday, October 22, 2011

Liars! All of us!!

Okay, you see I have been saving up this little tangent for quite some time now...the other day while burning daylight on pinterest I was faced with this truth..i am a big, fat liar and you see the thing is you are all in on the biggest lie EVER too. Its a joke really, I mean all of us are guilty (and if I am being to general and you really truly are not guilty..I don't know if I should be more sorry that I called you a liar (making me a bigger liar (yes this is a sidebar in a side bar of a side bar conversation with my self)) or that you have actually taken the time to be honestly read your way out of this! it is, the biggest lie of all time...

yup..your guilty..checked the box a few times huh? I know I have and I used to be totally uncomfortable with it every single time, then to make matters worse I always had that sneaking suspicion that there is some clause in the "contract" to access and download free printable coupons that if I cross the street barefoot on a Tuesday a mass of flying monkeys that can only be expelled by dowsing them with $5 bottles of Fiji water will commander the discounted loot. (and I have never cone across a Fiji water coupon)

I imagine it would look a lot like this...

What is really sad about the whole thing is all we can do is submit..I mean unless we actually have the time to read a 45 page document that refers both to state and federal laws (for those of you I am sorry)..If you are like me once long ago you probably tried to read at least the bold print, right? but even that is like trying to translate Kanji to French with a slurppy (or is it Slurpie...maybe) milkshake (I'm in Utah 7 Elevens are a thing of the past in the southern regions). It probably does not help that I have a terrible habit of sidebar 
conversations and tangents as well as self diagnosis ADD (actually it's probably that i just quite caring as much as when the topic first began) BACK to topic! So since we have submitted I check the box without thinking twice then I "Safely remove" my iPOD...yup wrong again but that's neither here nor there just to find all my icons moved and silly updates made and I get all pissy..."when were they going to notify me of this?" 

*sigh* but alas there is nothing we can do...

The literal translation in French is
Je n'ai aucune idée et je suis totalement couché et j'ai utilisé Google Translator pour en arriver là ...

Okay you caught me another big fat lie!! 

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  1. pahahaha! You're too funny. You're right. We all bear false witness (as chelsea would say) and sinned. Ohh well.