Saturday, August 11, 2012

Can you believe it?

We have been married for 10 YEARS!!! 

Okay actually pretend as if you have stepped into a time machine and are reading this on July 20th 2012. Okay, there? now read the header again!! Pretty cool huh?? If you don't have a time machine handy I guess I should say (because I am super crappy at blogging on time)

We have been married for 10 years, three weeks and one day!!!! (impressive, right?)

Well one thing we did do on time was celebrate!! So we took a little trip  to Paris!!

Okay, Okay! Paris on the Las Vegas Strip...actually we didn't even stay there...just thought the picture was pretty.

We took a drive down to Vegas and made like a couple of tourists...
First we went to the Mirage to check out the dolphins :)

Then we headed to our room at the Rio: here is our fabulous view ------>
Next we hit the pool for a little R&R
and here are the views from there----->

Yes they were lovely!! But here are the real views (drumroll)

WOW!! HUH? Probably one of the coolest things I have ever done! My weekend included three bucket list items! 1) riding in a helicopter 2) See a magic show 3) Ride a Zip line

Here is Ronnie at the set of Penn & Teller!! Pretty awesome show that we got to share with our friends :)

And here we are getting ready to head down the Freemont experience mid air on the Zip line!! Super Fun weekend :)

This is were I should input some totally awesome, loving quote or something about my marriage....
This is what I have got:

Thank you, God. My marriage is amazing, My husband incredible. My life is awesome. Thank you!

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