Monday, April 23, 2012

Days 5: Test and a Trust

Day 5
Life is a test and a what have I been through recently that is a test?
Ha!! well let me tell you about a girl named Lydia, you see she has control issues that are in need of some working out, So this was an area she (and some people who swear they love her) identified as a weakness.
well you see this girl won't carpool unless she is driving, won't fly (must drive) and will meet you there before having you drive there is some deeper issues there but basically she doesn't want to depend on anyone else,,right?
Well her car got impounded for the stupidest reason ever...owned the car an hour, got pulled over for a missing license plate, car impounded for a MONTH!! seriously..the courts even agreed repeatedly that this had to be some kind of loop hole but all in all I was screwed (yup it was me lol) anyway I learned to trust that there had to be a reason and as hard as it was to admit that i needed to be thankful for the opportunity to improve myself, to better understand.

It was a long month, (a reeeeeaaaaallllllyyyyy long month) but I learned that I do not have to be in control to have things work out. In fact, I am not in control of any thing really  and things are pretty good.

This post is two fold since the question is also what are you entrusted with?
Motherhood is a pretty obvious answer, right?To take care of these precious children to help them grow and mature into adults *shudders* that go on to do great things for the world. I think that is my most important assignment but I believe my assignment is a bit more than that but rather to care for people. to encourage and inspire. to help others kids, my sisters, my friends and myself..I guess that is what I feel compelled to do, what I was designed for, maybe that will change with time but as of now I am here to serve through compassion and awareness...

Okay I know it has been twenty some odd days since the last post but i have been journal-ling this stuff but should be caught up by tomorrow :)

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  1. He works in mysterious ways, doesn't He? :) I'm loving these posts. Keep it up!