Sunday, August 19, 2012

My greatest ideas...

Are usually inspired by somebody else...

Now really, If I had such a great idea that was so cutting idea no one had already come up with..I would be stinkin' rich... but alas I am not. 

So let me take you to a conversation my husband and I had earlier today.
Scene: The car driving to church
Characters: Husband and Wife 
Extras: Four children babbling 
Plot: The never ending question...what to eat.

Okay so we are backing out of the drive way and the hubs is all "So what are we going to have for lunch?" (this is valid since we had just had breakfast an hour ago)  and I am like "Oh! I was going to make these little bacon, egg and toast take the bread and smoosh it into the muffin tin...blah blah blah" (his version)

Fast forward (not that Church needs to be fast forwarded..okay now I feel guilty! look here! Okay check back there in a few days and be caught up to speed..don't we all feel better now??)

Back at home Lexy and I start pulling out all of the necessary items needed to make these littles treats when my husband shouts from the study "This isn't your idea!" pointing at the computer screen laughing that he had caught me in some kind of web of lies. I respond no honey its Martha Stewart and Pinterest who inspired the idea but I do not see either of them willing to cook you lunch." ( I know the pinterest comment scared me too..its like its alive) 
He continues to act all "I am in on your secret" as I tried to explain that while I saw the idea iImade it adding cheese of course. He didn't stop talking until it was time to eat! After lunch I do not thing he cares where the idea came from :)

Also in the world of inspired by Pinterest!! I finally got my sewing machine threaded!! Even more totally awesome...I made a few bows! and some more with out the machine but add hot glue and third degree burns

 That my friends is what they call a stitch..or rather a series of them :)
Various hair bows made by lexy and I! Well I have chores to do! 
Good Night y'all!

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