Sunday, September 30, 2012

Things To Do

Happy Sunday!! I absolutely LOVE Sundays! They always feel like a fresh start :)

I start each week off with a couple of lists to help get things done! 
My favorite motto: "Make a list, you'll feel better!"

I made these little gems after discovering this awesome blog.

So I limit the "To Do" part to 10 things... quality vs quantity, right? Anyway some weeks that feels like a lot and other weeks they get checked off by Wednesday. All depends I guess

 The "Teach" section is dedicated to a project, goal or thought I want to show my kids. This could be anything from teaching them how to bake cookies to wash their laundry to a prayer. It is mainly a reminder to focus.

The "Be" section is a bit more complicated..these goals are usually based off my mood and personality. For example the last few weeks I have been focusing on being "bold". I am putting confidence and conviction in my daily practices. Other weeks have been things like patience, affectionate and persistent. 

My favorite section is the "Learn" section this is usually where a pinterest recipe winds up, a new crafty idea, scriptures and the like. Last week I challenged myself to learn new "lunch spots" in town that are quick, easy and healthy, Acts 4:31-35 and to make coffee cozies. 

The "read" section is where I set my goals on how much I will get accomplished...this could be a certain number of chapters, an article or maybe even a bed time story.

I had my lists printed and bound on chipboard since I like to actually physically check things off, but you could just print them as you go. :)

I also made a simplified version for my kids that we go over each Sunday, theirs includes assigned chores and homework as well as "Be" goals and learning goals. Allowances and privileges are rewarded for list completions.

Kind of a random post, but for anyone who knows me AT  ALL knows that I have a list for nearly everything :) I know I am not the only one who lists....

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